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I was shown this childhood photo of myself during a visit to Aunt Sook Porh’s place today – she’s my mum’s dad’s brother’s wife.

Pardon the lack of sharpness – I think the phone camera isn’t too great for photo reproduction ;-).

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Art or lunacy?


Art or Lunacy?

Order of the Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average PhysiqueI find myself the latest member of a new Order. One that seeks to propagate the truth, and allow its membership of science communicators to meet firstly, for drinks; secondly for communicating; and ultimately for networking.

Hmmm, don’t know if I’m really into drinking, since alcohol makes me more sleepy than happy. Communicating and networking with fellow like-minded individuals sounds absolutely swell though!

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Ba Ba Reeba

Ba Ba Reeba, a lovely restaurant in downtown Barcelona, near Las Ramblas that my colleagues Amy, Vivien and I visited one of the nights while we were at Barcelona for 3GSM World Congress 2007.

Confessions of an Alien Squid Invader

Not your latest brand of mosquito spray, for sure.

In fact, it would’ve been a lot nicer if it was just an aerosol spray. At least you get to zap some pesky critters. For the record, I absolutely ABHOR mosquitoes. If you’re one, you better not bzzt too close to me, lest you end up in a violent spray of blood – MY blood. Yeah, I’ll let you suck some, before splattering your guts out with my bare hands.

But I digress.

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